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About Us

About Daycation for Seniors

We are an a day center licensed by the Department of Social Services. Our staff has been carefully selected and trained and have passed Department of Justice background check. At Daycation for Seniors activity center, we offer a combined 30 years of helping and caring for the needs of the elderly. With our energy and passion for life, we strive to renew enthusiasm for life into the hearts of our participants.

Your Daycation center is where you will feel a great feeling of community, hope, and joy for your loved ones. For your free tour of Daycation for Seniors please call us.

Thank you,

Paul Kelly - President, Administrator
Yvonne Mitchell - Assistant Administrator, Activity Director

What is the Daycation for Seniors activity day center?

Daycation activity day center is designed to provide care for seniors who need assistance or supervision during the day. The day program also gives respite to family members and caregivers. This allows them the freedom to go to work, take care of personal business or just relax while knowing their loved one is well cared for and safe.

The goals of the program are to delay or prevent moving them to a higher level of care and to engage them in socialization and enhance their self-esteem. Daycation social daycare provides social activities, meals and recreation.

Our participants generally take part in the program on a scheduled basis and the services that are offered may include the following:

  • exercise
  • meals
  • recreation
  • respite care
  • socialization
  • supervision
  • transportation
  • medication management

How does Daycation for Seniors activity center operate?

We are open Monday – Friday, 8:00am - 5:30pm

The staff may monitor medications, serve hot catered lunch and snacks, and arrange social activities.

The Benefits

Adult Day Care offers a variety of health and social services for one-third to one-half the cost of home health or nursing homes. With the population living longer more people are turning to adult day care to stretch their dollars. Adult day services are commonly referred to as "the best kept secret in long term care."

Caregivers and family enjoy the benefits of adult day care as much as the clients. Knowing your loved one is safe and enjoying a group program, gives caregivers and family that much needed down time to recharge.

Adult day care contributes directly to the mental and physical well-being of clients and family. It allows older adults with a variety of cognitive and physical limitations to remain as independent as possible.

Adult day activity centers, which is a part of the long-term care continuum for the elderly, is guided by a specific philosophy of service that views the individual client and caregivers whether family, friends, a spouse or others as a systematic unit sharing in the total care of the client. The provider of the adult day activity centers becomes part of the systematic unit of care, offering aid and support to the individual client and caregivers.

A second aspect of philosophy guiding adult day care is directly more specifically to the activity program by the individual client. The adult day care center is a place for peer socialization and recreation. These may well be what a client most enjoys in their days but care providers understand that more is occurring during these activities of socialization and recreation and just fun and enjoyment. Clients come to adult daycare with a broad range of abilities, strengths and difficulties in terms of social, cognitive and physical functioning. Guiding the activities of socialization and recreation is a philosophy of " maintenance, restoration and improvement" and are of great value to adult day care.