Perfect first day – what to expect ?


  • Your loved one will receive a warm and friendly welcome with sincere compliments directed to them.

  • They will receive a name badge to wear while they’re here.

  • Your loved one will be seated with others that have similar personalities.

  • Our warm and friendly staff will give them lots of special attention. ( Staff are certified nurse assistants)

  • They will...

    • be encouraged to share about themselves.

    • receive warm, friendly camaraderie from the other participants.

    • receive any type of assistance they may need, including bathroom assistance & medication reminders.

    • enjoy a live music performance. They will be encouraged to sing-along, play rhythm instruments or get up and dance if they would like.

    • be encouraged to join along and exercise

    • receive a nutritious social luncheon. In addition to drinks and snacks.

    • be encouraged to join in with afternoon games and other activities.

    • be reassured throughout the day that family will be here to pick them up in the afternoon.

  • Throughout the day they will be interacting with other participants, feeling the warmth and friendship.

  • They will leave Daycation with feeling of joy and fulfillment. 

Helpful ideas for family to convince their loved one to attend Daycation’s day program.

Suggestions when your loved one is not interested in going to Daycation’s social day program ...

  • Tell them ….

    • they have an invitation for a luncheon, or a music entertainment program or a crafting activity etc.

    • it is a fun social gathering where they can make friends.

    • it is a fun day program, just for a few hours to interact with others and played games.

    • that doctors recommend our program to keep your mind active and their body strong with activities and exercise.  Also, for the important of socialization.

    • them …. you have an important personal appointment that they would not want to attend and will be bored at.

    • you have shopping and errands to do and that they would have more fun for a few hours at the social center.

    • it is a really fun “social club”.

    • They can play bingo or play a game of cards.

    • If they have been to “Daycation“ before, you can tell them that their friends are missing them, looking forward to seeing them, and wondering where they are?

    • You can say they are “volunteering” or are “helping” in anyway appropriate for them at the senior center.

  • Make sure it is very clear to your loved one that it’s just for a few hours and you will pick them up shortly and remind them as many times as necessary.